Multimedia Specialist at Chestnut Ridge Middle School Receives Special Award


SEWELL – The media specialist for Chestnut Ridge Middle School received a special honor from the New Jersey Education Association.

Liz Campbell received a New Jersey Education Association Frederick L. Hipp Foundation for Excellence in Education award for her project, "Books LIVE!"

Campbell received a $949 grant to help fund "Books LIVE!" which requires that every Reading class visit the library at least twice during the course of the school year where students will participate in book club meetings. During these meetings, Campbell recommends several books and the students are provided with time to recommend books themselves. The grant funded 15 to 20 copies of six books that the program will focus on throughout the year.

“We have students coming to the library to place holds on these titles,” said Campbell. “Even some teachers have come to try to get their hands on a copy, just because they see all of the students with these books. It’s very exciting to see so many students reading and voicing opinions about what they’re reading.”
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