VIDEO: American Red Cross To Provide Free Smoke Detectors in Atlantic City


ATLANTIC CITY - In just two days, close to 100 volunteers will hit the streets of Atlantic City with the help of the American Red Cross and the Atlantic City Fire Department to provide residents with free smoke detectors.
“I can’t express how important this program is to Atlantic City and how excited we are to have the Red Cross here," said Scott Evans, Fire Chief for the Atlantic City Fire Department. "For us being firemen, smoke detectors, we hold that very close to our hearts because that’s what save lives. We see day in and day out that more often than not the smoke detectors not working or it doesn’t exist. ”
It’s a part of a nationwide home fire campaign the Red Cross started just last year with a goal of decreasing home fires by 25% in the next five years.
“We’re going to be installing them for no cost to the family," said Carol Cohen, Executive Director, American Red Cross Southern Shore Chapter. "But also as important as installing the smoke alarms, we’re going to be educating them on the importance of having an evacuation plan, knowing what to do, knowing how to get out of the home safely and knowing the steps they can take to get reduce the risk of fire.”
And this isn’t the first area to be provided with these services.
“In New Jersey alone we’ve provided approximately 7,000 smoke alarms in the past year,” said Laura Steinmetz, Communications Director, NJ American Red Cross.
From Camden to Paulsboro and even all the way down to Cape May, the Red Cross has joined forces with the community and local fire departments to help keep families safe.
“Last year in Atlantic City we had approximately 305 fires," said Evans. "So these smoke detectors are going to make a difference. This is a physical, tangible piece of life-saving equipment that we know is going to make a difference.”
And it doesn’t stop here for Atlantic City, within the next year the fire department hopes to continue its efforts alongside the American Red Cross to provide the entire city with smoke detectors.

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