VIDEO: Gloucester County Police Station Giving Out Free Gun Locks


NEWFIELD - Thanks to their partnership with Project Child Safe, the Newfield Police Department is able to provide free gun locks.
“Within the past few years, we’ve probably given out close to 250 to 300 gun locks," said Chief Edward Seibert, Newfield P.D. "We recently upped our quota with gun locks and we’re able to give out, I think we have 300 on hand to give out.”
The free program offers gun locks to police stations all across the country, but has recently become more popular in the state of New Jersey.
“There’s probably four to five departments in each county that are participating in this program,” said Chief Seibert.
To put the cable lock on a gun, the magazine needs to be dropped, and the weapon must be open to make it safe. Make sure it’s unloaded, and insert the cable through the chamber, run it through the handle, and lock it.
“It’s really important that our residents are aware of this, if they own a gun and they don’t have a lock.  I know when you buy a new firearm, the manufacturers do provide a lock, but sometimes you might buy a weapon second hand, which may not come with a firearms lock.  You can come down anytime and pick one up,” said Chief Seibert.
Chief Seibert told Nina Baratti that the state law is that if there’s a child inside the home, the weapon must be secured. He suggests not only having a gun lock, but keeping your weapons in a safe and secure place.
“Well, if we can prevent one child not being maimed or killed, I think this program truly works," said Chief Seibert. "And it makes us feel good too, that we know these guns are secure in our homes here in Newfield.”

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