VIDEO: How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Safe


VINELAND - Vineland Fire Department and local tree farmers know the proper way to take care of Christmas trees to help keep your family safe this holiday season.
“Make sure you buy a fresh cut Christmas tree," said Seth Velez, Firefighter with the Vineland Fire Department. "You want to be sure to keep it watered. The more you keep it watered, the less it’s going to dry out, and of course, dry trees can make fire happen a lot easier than trees that aren’t dry. You do not want to overload your circuits, you want to make sure that you have a good amp ridge on them, if you overload them and the circuit pops, you can cause a fire as well.”
The fire fighters said that using LED lights are safe for decorations because they don’t radiate much heat. Keeping little fires like candles, big ones in your fireplace, and heat radiators away from your tree will prevent dry leaves and needles from catching.
“Main thing is to keep them wet," said Dennis Foster, Owner of Foster’s Holly Ridge Christmas Tree Farm. "I mean, as soon as you get them home, I tell people if it’s been more than six or eight hours, put it in lukewarm water to melt the sap on the bottom of it, and a fresh tree will drink up to a gallon, a big tree up to two gallons of water a day.”
Firefighters say that if you see a Christmas tree fire in your home, call 9-1-1, and get as far away as possible, do not try to put it out by yourself.

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