VIDEO: Wildwood Landfill is Being Repurposed with Help from Ocean City


WILDWOOD - An old dump site in Wildwood is being leveled and capped with drudgery from Ocean City for future development.
“Back in the years when they were dumping trash back here, nobody really took note to what the future was on the back bays,” said Ernie Troiano, Jr., Mayor of Wildwood.
30 years later, the city of Wildwood has a better idea with what to do with the site that once functioned as the city dump. The Department of Public Works has leveled out the area, and is now pushing in drudgery from Ocean City and other shore towns on top, to raise it and to make the area buildable. Ocean City is paying Wildwood to remove the sand and dredgings from their beaches and Wildwood in turn, is using it to solidify the land.
“We have layers of trash," said Troiano. "We have gone from zero to 15 feet of trash and by capping it, and you come in and place a two-foot layer of clean fill on top, the material we’re getting from Ocean City, has been tested and deemed clean for residential use. They’re backing up, they’re dumping up against it, and we’re pushing it as best we can. It’s sort of wet, we need to dry it out, but we’re looking at probably, 150 to 200 thousand yards of material.”
The Department of Public Works told SNJ Today Reporter, Nina Baratti, that they bring in about 25 to 35 loads a day. The Mayor says that even though there’s still a long way to go in the process, he’s excited to see the outcome of 26 acres of repurposed land.
“I hope it’s not only a destination for a marina and restaurants, but also for housing, and that’s what we’d like," said Troiano. "I would offer anyone that has any ideas about 26 acres of back bay for some developed ground to contact us, and maybe their ideas are better than ours, and we’re always open minded. We think we have something here that’s offered that nobody else really has. So, we think it’s going to work.”

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