VIDEO: Hit and Run Damages Bridgeton Cemetery


BRIDGETON - A vehicle drove through a fence and into the Old Broad Street Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Bridgeton.
“A vehicle failed to stop at the end of Roads Town road," said Jim Bergmann, Broad Street Cemetery Association Member. "Came through the fence knocked down a bunch of monuments and was able to back out of here and get away without anybody seeing him.”
Members of the cemetery association have been hard at work putting all the stones that were hit back in their rightful places. The cemetery dates back to the 1700s. It's home to political figures, civil war veterans, and one of the oldest chapels in the state.
“It feels terrible," said Johnson Frazier, Broad Street Cemetery Association Member. "We work like crazy to keep this place looking good. To have something like this happen, it makes you feel sick. And it's time after time, that’s the problem.”
This is not the first time the ten-acre cemetery has been home to car accidents. Two years ago a drunk man drove his way through the cemetery causing over $30,000 in damages. But this time is a bit different because they have yet to catch the driver.
“It’s a hit and run," said Bergmann. "It’s an attempt to avoid a ticket or some other problem.”
Besides tire marks, the only trace of the vehicle was a piece of plastic from the electrical system.
“To the people out there, if he’d hit your car and backed up and took off you’d be a little upset and want to know who it was," said Bergmann. "Or if he ran over your child you’d want to know. We feel the same way about this. It’s a desecration of the cemetery.”
If you know any information, the association is asking for people to contact the Bridgeton Police. To help with the repairs, donations can be brought to the first Presbyterian Church in Bridgeton.

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