Local Childhood Center Trains Staff for Potential Emergencies

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Wendy Crawford of Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center raised the concern of her staff when she feigned chest pain on Tuesday, December 1st.
The fake attack was part of an emergency medical drill which was organized by Crawford and the Washington Township Fire Department. Crawford was replaced with a mannequin after assuring everyone that it was a drill and WTFD Paramedic Dan Paceqicz walked GTECC staff through a demonstration of being first responders to an emergency situation.
The training included a defibrillator to administer shock and several CPR certified staff members began compressions after learning that the situation required it. Once paramedics arrived to the staged setting, the mannequin was put on an IV before being moved to a stretcher for transport to the hospital.
“This was exactly the way the process would go if this was a real situation,” said Pacewicz. “The only people missing today were the police department and there are situations where they may not be involved. You all did very well. You can tell that you are prepared in case something like this actually would occur.”

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