Cumberland County 4-H Applauds Youth Achievement

CUMBERLAND COUNTY - The Lakeside Middle school cafeteria was overflowing with almost 300 people on Monday, November 16th for an important recognition program. The Cumberland County 4-H Achievement Night, presented by the 4-H Leaders Association, acknowledged achievements of the 4-H youth and contributors.
“Our annual recognition program is a highlight of the 4-H year,” said Julie Karavan, County 4-H Agent. "This is our opportunity to come together and acknowledge the achievements of our 4-H youth as well as the valued contributions of our 4-H volunteers.”
Representatives from the 4-H Committee presented awards during the event which included an awards presentation, including Chris Tice, Anthony Riviera, Michael Cudemo, Victor LaTorre, Dale Johnston, and Joan Maloney.
Youth recognized at the 2015 4-H Achievement Night included the following 4-H members:

  • 2015 4-H Member of the Year – Brianna Godfrey

  • 2015 Outstanding 4-H Member – Anna Callavini

  • 2015 Outstanding 4-H Member – Tyler Laing

  • 2015 4-H Project Champion – Austin Smith

  • 2015 4-H Project Champion – Hannah Ricci

  • 2015 4-H Salute to Excellence Award – Cole Killeen

  • 2015 4-H Salute to Excellence Award – Ryan Rugenus

  • 2015 4-H Power of YOUth Award –   Nikayla Hetzell

  • 2015 4-H Power of YOUth Award –   Sarah Lamplugh

  • 2015 Ken Hildreth, Jr. Memorial 4-H Equine Award –  Miranda Mints, Jessica Geese

  • 2015 F. Ethel Pickett 4-H Memorial Award –  Samantha Newkirk, Jennie Ferrara, Doug Forbes

  • 2015 Grand Champion 4-H Cloverbud Exhibit – Insect Inspectors 4-H Club

  • 2015 Grand Champion Educational Exhibit – Fairway Equestrians 4-H Club

  • 2015 Grand Champion Project Exhibit – Hooked on Fishing 4-H Club

  • 2015 Grand Champion Horse Stall Exhibit – Mini Mania 4-H Club

  • 2015 Kenneth E. Pickett 4-H Inspiration Award – Heather Koering, Devon Godfrey

  • 2015 Entomology Award –  Elisa Villapando

  • 2015 Outstanding 4-H Sewing Award –  Avoneii Downing

  • 2015  Anne Klem Silver Spurs – Jillian Tozer, Brianna Mayhew, Brooke Heer

Medal of Excellence – Achievement

  • 2015 Outstanding Dog Club Award -  Hannah Grunder

  • 2015 Outstanding Rabbit –  Emma Coslop

  • 2015 Outstanding Poultry – Paige Banks

  • 2015 Outstanding Goat – Wade Espi

  • 2015 Outstanding Sheep – Kaylynn Hyson

  • 2015 Ethel Pickett 4-H Role Model Award – Ireland Styring

  • 2015 Outstanding Swine – Nina Callavini

Medal of Excellence – Achievement

  • Mara Holt, Jillian Tozer, Hannah Grunder, Emily Kubrak

Medal of Excellence – Leadership

  • Rachel Ricci,  Sarah Lamplugh,

Medal of Excellence – Citizenship

  • Nina Callavini,  Danny Godfrey,  Hannah Grunder, Nikayla Hetzell, Jessica Rottcamp, Anna Callavini

Medal of Excellence – Public Speaking

  • Mara Holt, Jillian Tozer, Jenna Killeen, Brianna Godfrey, Deanna Rowe

Above & Beyond Award

  • Megan Hebert

Other Awards

  • Meritorious Service to 4-H –  Cumberland County Historical Society /  H.H. Hankins Bro.

  • Friend of 4-H Award –  Mary Ellen Hyson

For more information about the Cumberland County 4-H Program, call their office during their weekday hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 856.451.2800, extension 3.

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