VIDEO: Family Restaurant Makes Comeback After Fire Damages


SOMERS POINT - In 1946, the Gregory family took over the Davis Hotel of Somers Point. The family rented out the old hotel rooms, moved the bar upstairs, and pretty soon, became a staple within the community.
The family ran restaurant and bar recently opened their new dining room, after a kitchen fire forced them to make some changes.
“The smoke itself was really, really tough," said Gregory Gregory, Co-Owner. "It just covered everything, put a layer of black on almost every area. The whole building, we had to gut it down to the rafters, and so to speak, the walls here so that we could get the smell out, the colors out, and everything else, and it gave us the chance to be the phoenix.”
On September 11th this year, only months before the restaurant and bar’s 70th anniversary, a small fire caused smoke damage throughout the entire building. But, the Gregory family turned the negative into a positive by making improvements to last for generations to come.
“It’s been very hard, but like we said, we’re here," said Walter Gregory, Co-Owner. "We’re very happy. We’ve got more work to do, but we’re seeing little rewards from our work.”
Gregory and Walter, cousins of the third generation, run the family business. They already had plans to redo the dining room, but because of the damages, they got an earlier than planned renovation.
Now, the Gregory’s are finding ways to celebrate their history by incorporating older pieces into their new look and menu.
“We did bring a lot of the old down into the new, and we have our bar area over there as a 60-year-old piece of bar," said Gregory. "We’ve been here awhile and some of our stuff is just as good as the new stuff, if not better. I think our future looks bright and sunny, I’m pretty excited about that, yes I am.”

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