VIDEO: South Jersey Attorney Releases 26th Annual Toy Safety Program

PLEASANTVILLE - Children all over South Jersey are filling their Christmas list with toys and gadgets they hope to see under the tree on December 25th. But is everything your child is asking for safe?The Westmoreland Vesper Quattrone & Beers Attorney Group released their 26th annual Toy Safety Program. The list includes 15 items all meeting different categories of toys.

“Trampolines, toys with small parts, explosive rocket types, mobiles on cribs they're terrible,” said Tom Vesper, Civil Trial Attorney and Partner at Westermoreland, Vesper, Quattrone & Beers’ Attorneys at Law.

Which brings us to our first toy. The Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit featuring a mobile.

“These things, these gyms for infants, they’re death traps and they should not be used," said Vesper. "Or if you’re going to use them you have to literally sit there and watch your child.”

According to Vesper, these gyms can easily cause suffocation or the child can get tangled in the parts hanging from the eye-catching mobiles. Among those 15 toys there’s three special ones who win mock awards. And one of those awards is the Cammie Aware for the most cataloged warning.

“While this toy is sold in a toy aisle in a toy department, it got the Cammie Aware because nowhere on the box does it say warning," said Vesper.

Instead there’s a do not apply to sensitive skin, do not ingest, and if irritation occurs discontinue use. Leaving out the part where it contains titanium powder that could cause long-term illnesses if ingested. And as for the older children its toys like a faux weapon that just warns parents of the little objects.

“What do you do with a bayonet? You usually stab people with a bayonet," said Vesper. "It’s not as much as the little parts with a four year old as you don’t want them stabbing other people with the stabbing toys.”

Vesper asks parents to always beware of toys that say adult supervision required and for the complete list of the X-Nays of Christmas you can visit their website at

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