VIDEO: Gloucester County Resident Creates Sweatshirts for Dialysis Patients


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP - A new fashion trend has hit the Kennedy Dialysis Center. “Pris-Zippity” sweatshirts are being worn in the center, keeping patients warm while they get their treatments.
“The sweatshirt works with a zipper placed in the sleeve, and it’s easily brought down, almost to the cuff," said Phyllis White, Creator of “Pris-Zippity” sweatshirts. "It doesn’t open up entirely. But the 24-inch zipper allows for the patient to take their arm out of the shirt, get hooked up to their access, put their hand back into the sweatshirt, and then zip it up.” 
Phyllis White got the idea to make these unique sweatshirts after watching her sister, Priscilla, go through dialysis treatment at the center, due to Lupus and other illnesses. After Priscilla passed away on Valentine’s Day, Phyllis wanted to find a way to help other patients, while remembering her sister. She named the sweatshirt “Pris-Zippity” after her sister and because of the special zipped section that opens for access.
“It was always an electric heating blanket, it was socks, it was gloves, it was a hat," said White. "And nothing ever seemed to make her warm. The more people that can benefit from it, the better of it’s going to be.”
The patients at the dialysis center enjoy the sweaters.
“Easy to put on, easy to take off," said Alma Caldwell, Patient. "And it’s just a lovely thing. Warm, comfortable, and I’m sure others would appreciate it just as much as I.” 
White and her friends, who all quilt, hold sew-a-thons and workshops to make as many “Pris-Zippitys” as they can, paying for the material completely out of pocket. They deliver them to the center to personally hand each sweater out and spend some quality time with the patients, in hopes of helping their treatments go a little faster.
“I always heard that when you give something to somebody, you get twice as much in return," said White. "And that has absolutely been my experience. Just seeing their faces light up and their gratitude, that’s what it’s all about.”
Every few weeks, you can find Phyllis here at the Kennedy Dialysis Center in Washington Township, handing out “Priss-zippity” sweatshirts to patients, and helping warm one heart at a time.

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