Clayville Project Achieves Final Milestone


VINELAND – The Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland Independent System Operator (PJM-ISO) have declared the largest capital improvement project in its history, suitable for commercial operation.

Vineland Municipal Electric Utility's (VMEU) Clayville project is a 60-megawatt simple cycle gas fired generation facility. The new addition makes it able to serve all customer loads while minimizing costs for supporting the PJM transmission grid and protect VMEU customers from high electricity costs during peak demand.

The unit has been confirmed to be ready for commercial operation after completing its first fire several weeks ago.

"Completion of the Clayville unit marks the completion of a strategic initiative of completely replacing our generating fleet with new efficient and environmentally friendly units," said Joseph A. Isabella, Director of Vineland Municipal Utilities. "I'm proud of our people for overcoming all challenges in their way."

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