Millville and Vineland High School Compete in Competition

MILLVILLE - Millville Senior High School competed against Vineland High School at the Annual Academic Bowl on Saturday, November 21st.
Millville won the competition, 27 to 25, alongside their coach, Mrs. Donna Cedermark.
This marks the 17th year that both schools met for the "Brains Before the Brawl” competition, which refers to the football game that takes place on Thanksgiving Day. Millville students who competed during the event included Zach Eckert, Chelsea Smith, Matt Halloran, Gretchen Bird, Phil Ballas, Malorie Messier, Chris Chard, Alexandra Dionisi, Joe Nelson, Breeann Stowe, Jackie Jiang, Tanner Cossaboon, Alex Bruman, and Megan Culley.

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