VIDEO: Immigrant Activists Campaign for Driver's License Rights


WEST DEPTFORD - Immigrant advocates held a prayer vigil outside one State Senator's office and they weren't just asking for God's support.
The group met outside New Jersey Senate President, Steve Sweeney's office to try and gain the Senator's support in allowing illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses. Currently, illegal immigrants in the state of New Jersey are not allowed driver's licenses and advocates of the bill that would allow them to do so say it's a matter of safety and making a living.
"We are hoping that he will exercise his leadership, with the rest of the senate leaders, to put this bill that would allow everyone in the state to have access to a driver's license, regardless of immigration status," said Carlos Rojas, Community Organizer.
Earlier this month Governor Chris Christie came out with a statement saying that he is disturbed the legislature is even considering the bill and that it would be, not only irresponsible, but dangerous. Christie insists that if the bill were ever to reach his desk, he would veto it immediately.
"To drive without fear is a right," said Kathleen Brown, Divine Mercy Parish. "People who support their families, people who need to provide a reasonable quality of life for their families, anyone with common sense understands you need a driver's license."

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