VIDEO: South Jersey Resident Participates in National Baking TV Show


WILDWOOD - By day he’s the Director of Marketing at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood. But tonight Tim Samson will strap on his apron and serve up some baked holiday goodies for all to watch across America.
Samson will be joining six contestants from all over the country to compete in The Great Holiday Baking Show, a spin-off from a hit baking show in the UK.
“It’s based on three different bakes per episode," said Samson. "So there’s a signature bake which is kind of your family recipe, a technical bake which none of have any idea what it’s going to be usually some of the steps in the recipe are missing and then there’s a showstopper which is your chance to go all out and show them what you have."
Samson started baking when he was younger with his family.
“It was a really a stress reliever from a long work day," said Samson. "It’s something that I picked up and learned and ran with and I really like it.”
Before the show, he had no close baking friends, but that has now changed.
“Now I have five really fantastic friends from all over the country," said Samson. "It’s really cool. We remain friends and we talk daily.”
He even shares recipes with them now that the competition is over.  But unlike most reality TV shows there’s no cash prize involved for the winner.
“The prize is bragging rights that you’re the best holiday baker in the country," said Samson. "And there’s a cake plate.”
The competition starts tonight and this week it’s all centered around cookies.
“We’re going to make some cookies for Santa and later on we’re going to make some really fantastic gingerbread structures," said Samson.
You can cheer Samson on tonight when The Great Holiday Baking Show premieres on ABC at 10:00 p.m.

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