Downtown Vineland: Millennial Feedback


swansonDowntown Vineland

By Russell Swanson, Exec. Director, VDID / Main Street Vineland

A Columnist for the Grapevine Newspaper

Our columnist shares this column with Sarah Bradway Johnson, the Millennial Advisory Board’s chair.
Just a little while ago, I introduced you to the Millennial Advisory Board—an important addition to our Main Street Vineland organization. The board was formed to give a voice to millennials, Gen X, and Gen Y people, who are becoming a major force in our demographics. This is a group to which we want and need to reach out and attract, in addition to the babyboomers and others. The board has its own officers and has had a number of meetings, in addition to regular communication among themselves and to our other Main Street Vineland volunteers.
I want to introduce you to the Millennial Advisory Board’s chairperson, Sarah Bradway Johnson. Sarah has become active in our other teams, as well, and I thought that I’d have her tell you of some of her goals and thoughts in behalf of the Millennial Advisory Board. Sarah, take it away…
As someone who takes pride in our downtown, I feel proud to be working with our future generation of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals that will be leaders in our community. Our Millennial Advisory Board (MAB) consists of volunteers with a variety of skill sets, educational backgrounds and professional experiences, and who all have an interest in seeing a positive change in our city.
We have been working with the Main Street Vineland leadership and other volunteers and the result has been a list of tasks that the MAB hopes to tackle this year to identify immediate and long-term goals. This starts with getting to know our local merchants and business owners and reach out to them about ways that we can help them. This can include sharing information about Main Street Vineland services and events, as well as training and merchant support available to them. The businesses can be helped to take advantage of the power of social media and other online sources such as Facebook, Yelp reviews, websites, and other services.
The MAB is also helping support Main Street Vineland with their Fourth Friday and cash assault events. Businesses, in these ways, are encouraged to offer specials that will drive more business through their doors. At the same time, live music and other activities will be added as the weather gets nicer to provide a fun atmosphere.
We have a vision to see more people back in our downtown community, which is the heart of our city. Landis Avenue has the potential to be “the destination” in our city—the place where you go to shop, eat, drink, and be entertained. We hope to support as much as we can the great businesses that are currently in our downtown, while also looking forward to some exciting new businesses on the horizon that are already creating an exciting buzz in the community.
On behalf of the MAB, I encourage you to join us in participating in great upcoming events like the Downtown Merchant Meet-and-Greets every other month, the monthly Fourth Fridays and cash assaults, the real estate broker tour, Cruise Down Memory Lane, and many other activities right here in Vineland’s downtown. Even more than that, however, come and make a difference by joining us in our work. We are always looking for more good people to help us plan and turn ideas into reality.
Thank you, Sarah. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It reflects well on the caliber of the next generation of volunteers stepping up to take the reins of leadership.
Our next cash assault will take place on Wednesday, March 9, at Health Foods Plus, 502 E. Landis Avenue. For the entire day, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., enjoy 10 percent off any item in the store. Also, all day get a gallon of special Kangen water free—a $1.50 value. You must bring your own container. From 12 p.m. to 1 p.m., you enjoy further discounts with a 25 percent discount off any item in the store.
Make downtown Vineland your destination for your shopping needs, as well as for fun all year round. Save money on gasoline, avoid the long lines at the big-box stores, malls, and shopping centers—and also enjoy the events we have in town.
For more information on Main Street Vineland, call 856-794-8653, visit or check them out on Facebook. You can also e-mail