VIDEO: Camden Authorities Announce New Technology Tool

CAMDEN - Camden County Authorities will be using a new digital dialog to keep the community safe.
Today, authorities announced the new, statewide, texting tool during a press conference at the Camden County Communications Center.
The "Text 911" will now allow you to text an emergency using a smart phone if a voice call is not possible or threatens your safety.
"If for some reason you can't make that 911 call at that time we want you to text your emergency to us via 911," said Rob Blaker, Director of Public Safety.
Officials there say that this texting tool will be most useful for those with hearing-impaired disabilities or, for example, when an intruder enters a home and you must remain in hiding.
Although this new tool will come in handy during an emergency situation, authorities say it's best to call first before resorting to the texting system.