VIDEO: South Jersey Church Opens Champion's Club For Special Needs Children


EGG HARBOR TOWNSHIP - Fresh Start Church in Egg Harbor Township opened Champion’s Club, a multi-sensory faith-based environment for children with special needs.
“We were kind of seeing some special needs families come through here. From time to time they couldn’t even come to church depending on where there kid was at and where the development was," said Tim Chambers, Lead Pastor of Fresh Start Church.
So the Pastor from Fresh Start Church in Egg Harbor Township reached out to a friend at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas – where Champions Club was founded.
The Champions Club at Fresh Start Church is the first of its kind in New Jersey and the 31st in the entire country, where volunteers encourage each child with special needs on their unique journey with god.
After filling out an intake form, the child with special needs is given a one-on-one volunteer who will spend the next hour tailoring the ministry to their needs in four different rooms.
“Every week we do a god centered lesson. This week happened to be rejoicing and rejoicing in the lord. So we talked about what makes them happy," said Lisa Price, Director of Special Needs Ministries at Fresh Start Church.
They begin by doing exercises in the physical activity room, then they head to the sensory room.
“This room is a great opportunity for kids to explore their senses, the sight, the smell, the touch, the sound," said Price.
From projections on the wall to a weighted blanket, this room, like all the rooms, can be geared to the child’s needs.
“The kids a lot of times would come in and they need to experience these things in order to calm down, some of them, and others to ignite what’s going on in their brain," said Price.