VIDEO: Millville P.D. Closes Road for "Safe Play Streets"


MILLVILLE - The Millville Police Department teamed up with multiple organizations to give local youth the chance to play outside, learn about fitness, and have fun in the street through July and August.
“I have a few stations about general fitness. I have a nutrition station where they guess the amount of sugar in all the foods. A yoga station, they can learn how to stretch. ­ Strength, they’re learning how to squat. Balance, with the balls, and then they have the strong man stuff happening behind them," said Make a Move Intern, Tyler Glass.
“I liked lifting the tires because I like to get strong. And healthy," said Participant, Hannah Garrison.
“I really don’t know my favorite part, I like everything about this place," said Participant, Ella Wierick.
Although the kids and teens were trying out cross fit, rope exercises, and even pushing over a tire, the volunteers were having just as much of a good time. Over ten organizations came together including police, the school district, churches, physical fitness companies, and more.
“They’re having fun, and that really is the key, for all of us," said Trainer, Art Boss.
“Hopefully motivate them and get them starting to exercise early and having fun," said Boss.
“So many organizations have come together to plan this, to embrace it wholeheartedly, and that really wants to do something that will be fun for the kids, that will kind of just spotlight this neighborhood. So we’re really excited about it," said Shannon St. Clair, Community Builder of Holly City Development Corp.
“At the end of the time, when we’re all done, know that the kids had a safe place to play, and just watching the community come together," said Millville Police Officer, Rick Kott.