VIDEO: Glassboro High School Students Kick Off Annual Seeds for Success Farm Stand


GLASSBORO - Eight students from Glassboro High School opened the Seeds for Success Farm Stand the district participates in every summer to bring Jersey fresh produce to the town.
Glassboro was one of the three schools to participate in seeds for success and as of today they are the only ones remaining. The stand is also run solely by Glassboro high school students.
“So they do the ordering, they do the pricing, they do the merchandising, the display, inventory control, customer service and they have to do math all summer long," said Barbara Jones, Seeds of Success Supervisor.
“We are funded now completely through Glassboro public schools because the funding ran dry and a lot of the programs were eliminated and the schools had to drop out," said Jones.
Although the eight student workers earn minimum wage for the hours they work at the stand, they say the experience is worth much more than just the money.
“Well I wanted to get involved with the farm stand to help my mom with stuff, like for my senior year, like the senior trip, prom and also back to school stuff. It’ll be awesome if I can help my mom with stuff," said student employee Zionte Lindsey.
Today kicked off the summer season project that runs for five weeks providing the area with everything from eggplant to blueberries right from local farms.
“it’s a win-win situation. We get all of our produce from local farms, we’re supporting them, they’re supporting us, we have the school’s support so it’s just a nice community project," said Jones.
Jones says people return year after year to the stand that sits in front of the Beach Administration in town.
People can stop by the seeds to success farm stand to pick up their Jersey fresh produce now through August 11th every Tuesday through Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm.