Winslow Twp. P.D. and Residents Starts #PicsForPeace Movement


The Winslow Township Police Department and local residents came up with the hashtag #PicsForPeace, for residents to post pictures of themselves with police officers, and others, to celebrate peace despite any differences.

Last week, Chief George Smith of the Winslow Township Police talked to his supervisors about implementing more safety measures for his officers' safety. His day turned around when three residents walked into the station and asked for him.

“And we’re like, no, we’re not here to confess anything, we didn’t do anything. We didn’t commit any crimes, and they were like, cool, who do you want to talk to? And I was like, can we talk to a Police Chief or anybody of importance?" said Andre Fooks.

“They told me that they weren’t here to talk about anything criminal in nature, nor confess to a crime, and I started laughing, and they started laughing, and I said, well I hope you’re not because my office has a couch, not a prisoner bench,” said Chief Smith.

After speaking about the recent officer involved shootings, Smith and the three young men came up with an idea that would eventually go viral.

“It was hurting to them. They were depressed. They were sad. And I said it is to me, too and my officers. The effects of what happens in other states and towns affects every police department," said Chief Smith.

That’s when the hashtag #PicsForPeace was created, and now residents and officers all around the country are posting pictures together celebrating being different, in a peaceful manner.

Other police stations around South Jersey have been receiving support from their communities, such as free lunches, cards, signs, and more, to remind them that they’re appreciated, despite the recent violence between civilians and police officers.

“Times have to change. And the world needs to change. We should be fighting off the other countries that accept that," said Chief Smith.

The Winslow Township Police Department, Andre, and his friend are now asking the community to get involved by using the hashtag #PicsforPeace on social media. Whether it’s a picture with an officer or a stranger, their goal is to spread the word of “peace."

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