VIDEO: Despite Danger Concerns, South Jersey Joins "Pokmon Go" Craze


New Jersey - The new "Pokemon GO" app was released less than a week ago and it has taken South Jersey and the country by the storm.
While the game was something that users played at in the comfort of their home, it now encourages people to get physically active. The game challenges its users, known as "Trainers,” to get out into the real world to locate their favorite Pokemon.
“It’s nostalgic to people of our generation because when I was like 8 the cards were big, so I haven’t played any of the games since red and blue,” said player Kristopher Marshall.
“It’s something I've been playing all my life and the fact that I can experience getting to play it somewhere other than my couch, getting out and being active takes it a whole new level," said player Devin Battle.
Although the new app appears to be fun to most, the game is facing some controversy as robberies across the country have been linked to the app. Local police departments took to Facebook to warn users of the potential dangers.
The Hammonton Police Department is telling gamers to never drive while playing and the Paulsboro Police Department had to put up an image with an angry bird and a caption that read, "this could be you if you Pokemon go on private property, don't be this guy."
Although the game can be dangerous, many users who say they play safely credit the new game for introducing them to fellow players.
“There’s so many people on the boardwalks doing it, I get to talk to people and it’s just socializing because you get to go around and meet everybody, it’s pretty cool," said player Spencer Burns.