NJ Teen Uses Gaming App to 'Lure' Players to Philly to Fight for Clean Energy

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ -- The Democratic National Convention will bring not only politicians, delegates, and celebrities to Philadelphia but possibly Pokémon users as well.
A New Jersey high school student plans to use the wildly popular mobile gaming app Pokémon Go to promote a protest for clean energy.
The March for a Clean Energy Revolution calls for a ban on fracking and a swift transition to clean energy. That's an environmental cause Highland Park teenager Reese Carlton believes in, so he decided to drop a "Pokémon Lure Mode" at the start of the march at City Hall. He'll drop more along the route, and at the march's final destination, Independence Hall.
"People my age understand the threat posed by climate change, and we know that protecting the environment protects people," said Carlton. "One way we can do that is by saying no to fracking, which harms water, air, and people."
The March for a Clean Energy Revolution is organized by Americans Against Fracking and endorsed by over 1,000 groups from across the country. The march will take place starting at City Hall on July 24 at 12 p.m.