VIDEO : Kids Learn What it Takes to Be a Firefighter at Ocean City Fire Camp


OCEAN CITY - The Ocean City Fire Department hosted their “Fire Camp,” where kids get a hands-on experience to see what a firefighter experiences on the job.
“What we do, is we give the kids a glimpse of what it’s like to be a firefighter. They get to do different elements, like putting on equipment, going through a smoke house, or riding in the engines and flowing water, or like you see here, climbing the ladder," said Vito DiMarco, Capt. of Ocean City Fire Department.
The Ocean City Fire Department is hosting yet another year of their Jr. Firefighter Camp, where the firefighters volunteer their off-duty time to teach them everything from the ropes of the job, emergency situation safety, and establishing teamwork.
“As we divide the kids up, we teach them teamwork, just like firefighters have to be working together to accomplish, mitigate different emergencies. Common sense safety, how to call 9-1-1, why to call 9-1-1. How to keep themselves safe and practical applications for the day" said DiMarco.
The preteens climb the truck ladders, learn how to use a hose, explore the beginning of CPR, and more. There’s also a special day where they team up with local law enforcement to learn how to work together not only as firefighters but with the police and their marine unit.
“It’s really fun, and it’s a good learning experience," said Camper, Jack Pegram.
“I liked climbing the ladder and spraying the hose. That was a lot of fun," said Camper, Tori Vliet.
Although the campers get to see firefighting from a different point of view, they have fun along the way.
“We got to ride on a boat and go in a smoke room," said Camper, Andrew Stauffer.
“We get to put on the equipment and just go into a room and try to find a person or they put a dummy in there for us to find it. It’s fun," said Camper, Jacob McDonnel.
“You hear a lot of them say that they want to be firefighters, which really encourages us and makes us excited as a fire department," said DiMarco.
“I mean, these are the next generations of firefighters, and we can build into them now and have them see what it’s like to live a little bit of being a firefighter," said DiMarco.
This is the seventh year in a row that nine to 12-year-olds learned about safety and teamwork through the event.