VIDEO : Governor Christie Speaks at Republican National Convention


NEW JERSEY - Governor Chris Christie took to the stage and energized the crowd at the Republican National Convention last night, delivering a full-throated takedown of Democrat Hillary Clinton and imploring delegates to shout "Guilty!" as he ticked through numerous accusations of wrongdoing.
"Now finally, finally here at home in one of her first decisions as secretary of state she set up a private email server in her basement in violation of our national security. Let's face the facts. Hillary Clinton cared more about protecting her own secrets than she cared about protecting American secrets. And then she lied about it over and over and over again. She said there was no 'marked classified' information on her server," said Christie.
Christie, who fell short in his GOP presidential bid, said voters shouldn't elect Clinton as president and reward what he calls her incompetence.
Christie is firmly behind Republican nominee Donald Trump and said he's been friends with Trump for 14 years.
Clinton and the Democrats will get their chance to refute these accusations next week when the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia.