VIDEO : Stockton University Students To Attend Republican and Democratic National Convention


GALLOWAY - Nine Stockton University students will be taking part in The Washington Center’s two-week seminar for either the Republican National Convention or the Democratic National Convention.
The students from Stockton University are being given the opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on this year’s convention in Cleveland, Ohio and right over the bridge in Philadelphia.
“This program is offered through the Washington Center, it’s the Democratic National Convention Academic Seminar," said student, Maryam Sarhan.
After finding out about the two-week seminar – Political Science Major Maryam Sarhan jumped at the chance to learn more about politics.
“Whether that’s something we agree or disagree about nonetheless it impacts everything that we do from day to day. So I felt like this would be a unique opportunity for me to witness what many believe is a very important year in our political history in the United States," said Sarhan.
For the students chosen, the two-week journey started just yesterday and will be completed once the final gavel is hit on July 29th.
“So far we’ve been going through the academic seminar portion of the program and that’s been very rewarding, having the opportunity to meet several folks who’ve been in politics for a very long time," said Sarhan.
The Stockton students are nine out of 350 students from 50 colleges and University's throughout the country attending the seminars.
“I think having that outside experience, beyond the textbook, beyond the classroom is really important for people to fully understand what they’re learning about and also to help inspire other people to be more engaged and really enjoy the process that we have here," said Sarhan.
Michael Rodriguez is an associate professor of political science and will be accompanying the students during the convention in Philadelphia.
“This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our students to experience and participate in the presidential nominating process and to learn from a series of featured speakers and instruction," said Michael Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Political Science.
After the two weeks are complete – the nine Stockton students will take an independent study course based on their experiences and the upcoming election.