VIDEO: Save Lucy Committee Honors Co-Founders


MARGATE CITY - This week marks the 135th birthday of Lucy the Elephant, and as the pachyderm perched on the edge of the sea celebrates, her friends held a special dedication to mark how far she's come.
The Save Lucy Committee honored two of its co-founders Saturday, with a plaque marking "The Carpenter Walkway."
Sylvia and Ed Carpenter helped save Lucy from a wrecking ball over 45 years ago.
"In 1969, just before her demolition took place Ed Carpenter, Sylvia Carpenter, and Josephine Heron decided they just couldn't let it happen and they approached the city and they approached all the proper channels to obtain the elephant, in which they did," said Jason Tell, VP of Save Lucy Committee.
Lucy continues her birthday celebrations all week and will top it off with a party this Saturday where you can vote for Lucy for President.
Saturday's festivities will also include carnival games and food.