VIDEO: 21Down and The Wildwood Beach Patrol Celebrate Their 8th Annual Beach Day


WILDWOOD - 21Down, along with the Wildwood Beach Patrol, held their 8th Annual Beach Day, a special day for children with Down syndrome to have fun in the sun at the beach.
“We basically try to give the kids and the parents a day to enjoy themselves at the beach. Maybe some opportunities that they wouldn’t have when they come with their parents to the beach," said Billy Auty, Wildwood Beach Patrol, Swim Instructor.
The event has grown from just five families in its first year to now over 35 families enjoying a day in the sun.
“We actually take them out on the paddleboards, we take them out and ride waves with them. We take them out and we actually teach them how to paddle, some of the kids and adults are actually able to paddle the boards, " said Auty.
As the kids are riding the waves, parents are beaming with pride from the sand.
“As a parent, I have a 16-year-old son, you appreciate anything. The people are going out of their way, they’re volunteering, the guards are volunteering, and businesses are donating," said Pam Ginet, 21Down Treasurer.
“It’s great to see your child have success and be happy and enthusiastic about those successes," said Ginet.
A day full of wave riding and high fiving creates memories for each one of these kids and lifeguards that will last a lifetime.