VIDEO: Cumberland Co. Sheriff's Office Releases Special Trading Cards


BRIDGETON – Officers with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office are featured on a new release of trading cards, which officers will be handing out to local kids for good behavior to collect for prizes.
“I know resources are tight with everyone, but with the way things are now, and the negativity with law enforcement, I don’t think we could have picked a better time for this," said Patti Gross.
The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is about to release their newest edition of sheriff officer trading cards. The pilot program is starting in Maurice River Township, where kids will get the chance to collect cards full of information about their favorite officers.
“It’s awesome, I absolutely love it. I love the fact that with these baseball cards we get to interact with the kids, so I think it’s an awesome program," said Edmanuel Vega.
During town events or when the officers are patrolling, the kids will have a chance to prove that they’re on their best behavior in order to get a card. Once they start collecting and find every card, they will be able to trade it in for prizes – from a duffel bag to a brand new bicycle.
“We’ll sit down with them, we’ll talk to them a little bit, find out a little bit about them, and show them that we are human and they can talk to us, we’re not bad people," said Robert Austino.
The officer’s carefully chose their picture locations and their history written on the back of the cards to base it on something that means a lot to them.
“My card is myself and my son, who is actively serving in the military. He’s in Arizona and did two deployments, so I wanted to get the military side of it, and then the law enforcement side of it," said Vincent Solezzo.
Like other trading games, some cards will be more difficult to find.
“These Officers were chosen because these are the officers that are out on patrol, so they’re the ones that the public is more accessible too, the kids would be accessible, too," said Robert Austino.
“We want the kids to really work to get the sheriff’s card. We’ll be checking grades, we’ll be checking how they’re doing at home, we’ll be speaking to their family to make sure we’re giving the card out because they deserve it," said Vincent Solezzo.
Starting tomorrow, the officer’s will have plenty of cards to hand out and although it is a fun game, the officers say that they are most looking forward to strengthening their bonds with the community.
“I hope that they see that we’re out there for them, that all lives matter to us, that this is why we do what we do, is because we care about them. You know, I go out, we go out there everyday, and we put our life on the line because we care about them," said Kimberly Ghendine.