VIDEO : Teen Starts "Beach Bytes," Delivers Boardwalk Food to Beach and Homes


OCEAN CITY – 17-year-old, Michael Larkin, helped start a company known as “Beach Bytes, where beach goers and residents can order their favorite boardwalk food online and have it delivered to their towels or front door.
Larkin and his business partner, Joyce, met when he started working for Bob’s Oceanfront Restaurant. They brainstormed on bringing a fresh idea to the boards and came up with “Beach Bytes,” an interactive website that allows you to order food from select restaurants and have it delivered by bicycle, straight to your location.
"If you’re a customer and you go on the beach, you can place an order in any of our restaurants. The order is sent to the restaurant, we pick it up, and you’ll get a notification. You can actually track us, your driver, as they’re coming to your beach location," said Michael Larkin, CEO of Beach Bytes.
The teenager has big plans for his new gig, and after making his own webpages for years, his tech talent is coming in handy, as he created their custom website.
“When the software companies came, cause we had a few issues, that’s why we opened up a little late, they thought I was 35 years old," said Larkin.
Despite being young, Larkin is confident Ocean City visitors will pay the extra $7.50 delivery fee for their favorite snacks.
“We plan to do this next summer and hopefully plan to expand all the way down South Jersey, and maybe one day into Miami," said Larkin.
If you want to get some food delivered to your towel, or to your condo, you would schedule your delivery on the Beach Bytes website, and wait a half hour for them to deliver your favorite boardwalk treats.
“I mean, we have two, small kids, and so lugging them back and forth from the beach to the boardwalk isn’t really that convenient, so if we could have food delivered to us, we would definitely use it," said Quakertown Resident, Jenn Messinger.
“Delivering foods, that’s great. That’s a great idea, pizza, everything. It will save people from burning their feet coming back on the boardwalk, but yeah, it’s a great idea. Anything more that Ocean City can do to make it family friendly, you know, for the people visiting here, has got to be a plus," said Quakertown Resident, Julie Strain.