VIDEO : Graduation Ceremony Held for Winslow Junior Police Academy


WINSLOW - On Friday, 31 children became the second group of cadets to graduate from Winslow Township Police Department’s "tier one" junior police academy.
The cadets completed numerous physical fitness activities during the throughout the week and were on educated on the many topics that officers are expected know for the job.
“It’s just nice to open their eyes up, it might be a career they want to pursue. But not only that, it helps us develop relationships and bonds with these kids. So we know them all, we joked around with them. We had a great time this week. We probably had more fun than the kids did," said Lieutenant Christopher Dubler of Winslow Twp. Police Department.
In order to get into the academy,students must be recommended by a sponsor, be in good academic standing, and of course, have no criminal background.
Upon graduation, the cadets are now eligible to attend "tier two" of the academy that takes place next week.