VIDEO : Big Plans in the Making for the City of Camden


CAMDEN - Camden Officials, locals, and business leaders speak about rebuilding the city, creating more jobs, and a cleaner environment.
Government officials, businesses, and community members are all coming together to figure out a way to change the future of Camden. The goal is to create job opportunities by the investments made to repair the aging infrastructure of the city.
“We are raising the awareness of the importance of making sure there’s funding to improve our infrastructure whether it’s obsolete bridges, roads, sewer systems," said Mayor Dana Redd.
Camden was rated a D+ by American Society of Civil Engineers which means the water system, the grid system, roads, and bridges, are not up to standard. A panel of residents, Congressmen, the Mayor, Environmentalists, and other workers came together on Monday to speak about the importance of rebuilding the city from the ground up.
“Significant investments gonna be needed in order to get areas like Camden and across New Jersey and across this country up to a B grade. And that would get hundreds of thousands of people to work right here in the local economy,” said Kimberly Glas, Executive Director of Bluegreen Alliance.
Businesses like Holtec, American Water, Subaru of America, and the 76ers have been committing to Camden, which made the community realize they’re due for an upgrade.
“We can make our infrastructure smarter, and more efficient and have it work better for us as we are facing increase storms as we look at the very real and dangerous phenomenon of climate change, which is accelerating and getting worse,” said Dan Fatton, Exec. Director of NJ Work Environmental Council.
"Bluegreen Alliance was built on the premise that you can create a lot of jobs, a lot of quality, family-sustaining jobs by mitigating the effects of climate change by repairing our infrastructure in order to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions,” said Glas.
“Camden has gotten through many false starts to have great partners around the table, great collaborators that are helping us to restore the pride to Camden. I certainly believe, like others, that when Camden does well, the region does well, the state of New Jersey does well,” said Redd.
Within the next five to ten years, the mayor hopes that the nine square mile city of Camden will have made some drastic but necessary changes needed.