VIDEO : Temperatures Rising after Weekend Storms


BARRINGTON – After rain, wind, thunder and lightning over the weekend, temperatures are starting to heat up.
“It was cool to see, but also kind of scary to watch at the same time," said Barrington Resident,Travis Cobb.
With lightning and thunder taking over the skies early this morning, intense rain and winds on Saturday, and now another heat wave hitting the area, South Jersey is cleaning up the remains from this weekend.
“Well, I was at a festival in Camden, and it pretty much went from wide open skies, you know, blue sky country, that type of thing to just a lot of water and just people running everywhere and trying not to get super soaked at the same time," said Cobb.
While Cobb was hiding from the rain outside, his younger brother was home watching the storm. He walked around their Barrington apartment complex and snapped these photos of some of the damages.
“The building that I lived in actually had a broken due to the wind taking down a lot of gutters and everything," said the younger Cobb.
Camden County’s Emergency Dispatch Center received about 600 hundred calls after 3:00 p.m. when the storm first touched down.
“So a lot of fire calls, trees down, wires down, and those kinds of calls," said Sam Spino, Camden County Emergency Management Coordinator.
From their Lindenwold location, the Emergency Management Coordinator is able to track the storm and review the damages.
"We assess the area, if we have to make our contacts with electric companies or power companies, gas, and all those kinds of things, we kind of lay out the process to them and make sure that everyone is in good shape," said Spino.
Spiro and his team are currently preparing for the next major storm.
“520,000 residents in the county, we have to be prepared to take care of them," said Spino.
“As long as everyone was okay, I mean, that’s really the first thing we have to make sure, and then all that other stuff can be rebuilt," said Sam Spino.
Now that the heat is making a comeback, Spino says to keep yourself hydrated, stay in the air condition or visit a cooling center, and frequently check up on nearby senior citizens.