VIDEO: As Bee Population Declines, EAS Continues to Educate Beekeepers


GALLOWAY – The Eastern Apicultural Society is hosting their annual educational conference this week at Stockton University, where beekeepers are invited to get educated on proper techniques, safety, how to keep colonies alive, and other bee-related topics.
"We’re still seeing major declines in bee colony health, which there isn’t really a clear reason. The causes of which are multiple and interacting, there’s no one thing to point the finger at," said Eastern Apicultural Society Chairman, Erin Macgretor-Forbes.
As bee colonies continue to fall, bee education is continuing to rise. The Eastern Apicultural Society is hosting their annual Educational Conference at Stockton University, where bee enthusiasts are trying honey, checking out beekeeping gear, and learning all about the small pollinators.
“What we’re doing is teaching the best management practices at any aspect of beekeeping. So from honey production to pollination of crops, to just managing your own backyard beehive, we have somebody teaching absolutely the highest quality of that education here at this conference," said Forbes.
“There’s beginner novice, then there’s intermediate class. Then there’s also a queen raising class," said Eastern Apicultural Society President, Jeff Burd.
“It makes you feel confident that there’s people out there that want to come and learn and bee better beekeepers," said Burd.
There is currently a 30% decline on the bee population all across the United States every single year.
“Buy local honey and support honeybees anyway you can. Be responsible if you have to use pesticides, read the label," said Burd.
The east representatives say avoid stressing honey bees and bumble bees by providing them with good nutrition, watch their chemical interaction with pesticides, and learn how a colony works.
“The most important thing that we can encourage people to do to help bees is to plant flowers, and to, possibly if you’re interested, become a beekeeper," said Forbes.