VIDEO: Childhood Hobby Transformed to Works of Art


NEW JERSEY - An employee at the Avalon Free Public Library is taking a childhood hobby to create works of art.
As a kid, arts and crafts are a way of life, but twenty-year-old Olivia Gorecke’s arts and crafts have turned into something much bigger than she ever imagined.
“I bought the kits where you can make a dog or a horse or an octopus or something like that and I never got rid of them," said Olivia Gorecke.
“They’re really tiny pieces of plastic and when you put them together on these peg boards they make a pattern," said Gorecke.
Gorecke started the time-consuming project as a child, but just a year ago an idea on Pinterest sparked an interest to create something much more.
“I was reinspired to get back into it," said Gorecke.
“I would do it one board at a time so when I was able to step back and look at it when it was all finished was just the most satisfying feeling, I can’t even tell you," said Gorecke.
Fast forward a year and she’s created dozes of 24 by 32 framed pieces some she’s donated to the library and others she’s sold.
“I really like doing them, I think it just brightens up everything and it’s just different too. It’s not an oil painting, it’s not pastels, and it’s just different than the usual," said Gorecke.
So when this busy student a Stockton University isn’t studying or creating masterpieces she’s now teaching her hobby to children at the Avalon Free Public Library.
“Everything that I ever loved combined into one spot, it’s been great. Kids have just been so nice and so appreciative. It’s been nice," said Gorecke.
“I don’t know what I thought I’d be doing at 20 but arts and crafts was not one of them," said Gorecke.