VIDEO: Cape May County Uses New Simulators To Train Police Officers and Recruits


CAPE MAY - Cape May County is using a driving simulator and use of force simulator combined to provide police officers and recruits in the police academy with realistic training situations.
“When you’re in a stressful environment you’re going to react in a different way. So if we can put that in a training mode then obviously you’ll be able to learn from anything that you do in this training part," said Thomas DePaul, Director of Cape May County Police Academy.
The police academy has purchased a milo firearms simulator and freeware advanced audio coder (FAAC) simulator to train in real life situations.
“You’re getting into a car, you’re receiving the radio call, you’re driving to it, you’re utilizing a vehicle that is similar to the one you’re using on the road, you have the lights and sirens," said DePaul.
“When an officer is in a stressful situation, things happen physiologically in the body, police officers are still human beings," said Chief Christopher Leusner of Middle Twp. Police Department.
“We believe that this is going to lessen the chance that we have an officer make a mistake in one of those situations where they have to make a decision in a split second," said Leusner.
This new $275,000 system is the only one in the state where a driving simulator is linked with a use of force simulator.
“Officers learn from their experiences and they will be better prepared when they go on the street when that stressful situation comes up and they have to process information and make decisions," said Leusner.
Now that the simulator is up and running the county plans on having all recruits going through the police academy as well as all of the current officers out on the streets of Cape May County go through the process of training with the new simulator.