South Jersey Residents Shocked with Geets Diner's Closed Doors


After decades of being in business, the historical Geets Diner has shut down.

“I can’t even believe that. I mean, the place has been there for years. Since I can remember ever being able to remember anything. In this town, Geets has always been there," said Williamstown Resident, Alex Stretch.

According to the Williamstown tax collector’s office, the diner’s owners, NJK Real Estate Enterprises, LLC have filed for bankruptcy. The diner shut its doors with no warning to their regular customers, and now the frequent diner go-ers are upset and confused.

“I was literally there just last week and no one said anything about them shutting down or anything. I can’t even imagine it wouldn’t be here," said Stretch.

“Oh yeah, I really am upset because it’s got good food, nice people, and there’s really not many places to eat around here, you have to go North. They even closed Pizza Hut," said Williamstown Resident, Nina Parris.

“I was in the supermarket and I just heard that they were closing. I don’t know what there difficulties were exactly, but it’s a landmark in Williamstown, New Jersey, and it’s a shame that another one bites the dust," said Williamstown Resident, Jim Jackels.

Despite multiple ‘Closed for Renovation’ signs plastered all over the door, a tax representative from the township said that the owners owed over $200,000 in taxes. But whatever the case may be, local customers and residents are sad to see the front door locked.

“It’s been there since I was a kid. It’s been there 40, 50 years I guess. We used to live in another town and my dad would bring me over there for breakfast," said Williamstown Resident, Bill Engler.

Aside from their food and customer service, the customers agree they’re going to miss the unique landmark and all of the memories that came with it.

“That’s a landmark that we’re going to miss. Cause you always tell them, make a right at Geets Diner. You understand what I’m saying? Oh God, I’m going to miss that. And my grandchildren are going to miss it," said Sicklerville Resident, JoAnn Jackson.

Representatives from NJK Real Estate Enterprises, LLC say they are not talking to media, but according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court Records for New Jersey, the owners are in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There is no word on if the diner plans to reopen or keep their lights shut off.

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