VIDEO: New Jersey's First "Fringe Festival" Comes to Hammonton


HAMMONTON – Eagle Theatre founded New Jersey’s first three-day arts festival, “Fringe Festival,” with 15 indoor performances and outdoor activities.
Downtown Hammonton is going to have a trendy, new look this weekend, as a new arts festival comes to town.
“We thought a summer theater festival would be a great idea, and then it grew into the concept of 'Fringe',” and it was going to be Hammonton Fringe, South Jersey Fringe, and now New Jersey Fringe," said Jim Donio, Managing Director at the Eagle Theatre.
“The most exciting thing about it is that it’s the first one, it’s the first one in New Jersey, and it’s here in Hammonton," said Ed Corsi, Co-Artistic Director at Eagle Theatre.
Fringe Festivals have been becoming popular in different cities all across the nation, where multiple art shows and theater performances pop up in various buildings. With all of the different performances happening, visitors can experience this three-day festival with a different twist.
“We have 15 different plays, musical, one-man shows, one-woman shows, in 13 different venues, all within walking distance," said Corsi.
To make their festival stand out, organizers will also be hosting an outdoor beer and wine garden, pop-up art, music performances, and other street performers.
“It appears as though we are the only Fringe festival in the entire country to couple those indoor theatrical experiences, with an outdoor social festival vibe, and we really love that, that’s what this is all about," said Donio.
The invitation is open to anyone who wants to come and experience the brand new and unique festival. And while the organizers are most looking forward to what visitors get out of the experience, the dozens of performers are most looking forward to being involved.
“This is actually the first full length play I’ve ever produced. This is the first time I’ve ever done a festival like this," said Amber Kusching, Creator of Maryland Women.
The “Maryland Women” has 12 performances scheduled. But instead of sitting in a traditional theater, the director wanted her smaller sized audience to get a interactive experience, as visitors will walk through the play with the actors.
“We do crazy things, and the audience will totally be uncomfortable but really happy in the end and hopefully have a revelation," said Kusching.
With old and new indoor shows and tons of free, outdoor activities, the Eagle Theater organizers say South Jersey’s Fringe Festival is going to be a weekend to remember.
“We really are looking for everyone to think about enjoying a brand new festival and being a part of history, we’re calling it the party of the year," said Donio.