VIDEO: Senator Booker Holds Criminal Justice Reform in Camden


CAMDEN - Senator Cory Booker held a public forum in Camden Thursday night to discuss criminal justice reform on a local and national level.
The Kaighn Avenue Baptist Church was full of people eager to hear from Senator Booker, Reverend William Heard, Chief Scott Thomson of the Camden County Police department, and U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.
“What makes us safer is not necessarily the length of this terms but often what we’re able to do for people when they’re in prison," said Senator Cory Brooker.
The group took the microphone to discuss criminal justice reform on both a local and a national level.
“On the planet earth, America is about 5% of the globe’s population. But we have 25% of the globe’s prison population," said Booker.
The panel discussed topics such as criminal justice,mass incarceration, and the impact it all has on the communities throughout the state of New Jersey.
“We have learned through the President’s task force is the system as a whole is fractured…from the policy to enforcement, to the policy of prosecution, to the policy of sentencing, to the policy of incarceration," said Chief Scott Thompson of Camden County Police Department.
“There’s actually solutions to these problems that we actually know work," said Booker.
Fishman then described the Prisoner Re-entry Program.
“We go and talk to them and say we’ve got a deal for you – you come to federal court every two weeks," said Attorney Paul Fishman.
The program helps former prisoners find a place to live, get a job, and adjust to life outside of a jail cell.
“If they can manage to stick with it, and they all really want to, we can help them succeed," said Fishman.
“We as a community must be working on these issues from every single level, if we work together, focus together, we can make our justice system reflect the words on the supreme court which say equal justice for all," said Reverend William Heard.