Buena Vista Committee Members Upgrade Lighting At Memorials

BUENA VISTA - On Wednesday, August 3rd, Buena Vista Township Committee Members, John Armato and Steve Martinelli, replaced old outdated light fixtures at Saw Mill Park at the Richland Village.
The lights were replaced with new state-of-the-art high intensity, low energy fixtures.
John Armato was able to get the lighting fixtures with the help of Stan Tarquinio, Datacomm Manager, at Billows Electric Supply Company in Pleasantville, NJ.
The lights were supplied through a special program from RAB Lighting that offered free LED light fixtures to shine a “new light on monuments.” Four new fixtures worth a total of $1,600 were donated to the township.
Committeemen Armato and Martinelli, both with long-standing electrical backgrounds, changed out the old lighting fixtures for the new modern led cost-effective lighting.
“My friend John Armato, injured and all, did one heck of a job replacing two of the four fixtures," said Steve Martinelli.
Martinelli, a 40-year IBEW veteran, said, “he was the best apprentice I ever had.”
Future led projects are planned in Buena Vista Township to save taxpayers money and offer brighter lighting.