VIDEO: Summer Temperatures Cause Dangers For Pets


MILLVILLE - After a recent incident, a local veterinarian from the Animal Clinic of Millville reminds South Jersey residents of the dangers of leaving pets unattended in cars in the summer months.
“Obviously pets, cat and dogs don’t sweat like people do. So they can overheat very quickly so in a car can be a very dangerous situation and it can become a very dangerous situation very rapidly as well," said Dr. Ryan Gorman, Associate Vet. of The Animal Clinic of Millville.
The Animal Clinic of Millville has already seen a few patients come into the office suffering from heat exhaustion this season.
“The main effect is obviously the rise in body temperature and they become hypothermic," said Gorman.
According to Dr. Gorman if you notice the pet is weak, lethargic, and struggling to breathe it could be experiencing heat exhaustion.
“They can’t handle the excessive heat so the high temperature becomes fatal eventually where it starts actually degrading proteins in your body and it basically just starts causing organ failure," said Gorman.
According to the New Jersey State Police, it was just this past weekend when a trooper rescued a dog in a hot car with just one window cracked in a parking lot. When he realized the dog was in distress he sprung into action and broke the window open.
Then the state trooper brought the toy poodle into a shaded area to cool the pup down with water.
The dog was taken to Saint Francis Veterinary Center for further treatment and was last reported to be in stable condition.
“Obviously even leaving them in a car for a little bit of time can be a pretty dangerous situation. So we recommend that they are not left at any time in the heat of the summer," said Gorman.
Authorities say if you see a pet unattended in a car do not hesitate to speak up.
“If you see an animal that’s unattended in a car and you see it’s in distress I think it’s a good idea obviously to notify police and they can assist you in getting the animal out as quickly as possible," said Gorman.