Salem County Waives Fares for Medical and Nutrition Site Trips

Salem, NJ - Beginning on September 1st, the Office on Aging and Disabilities will waive all rider fees for residents using the county’s specialized transportation system.
The change will allow riders to go to their medical appointments or the nutrition center in Pittsgrove Township at no cost, whereas now riders are currently paying $3 dollars each way, or $6 dollars round trip. The County also is announcing new and expanded medical routes.
“We are waiving the $6 roundtrip transportation fee, and we are launching new and expanded services to reach health providers in Wilmington, Philadelphia and Camden, and to a local dialysis center,” said Bob Vanderslice, Freeholder Chair of Health and Human Services Committee. “We want to provide financial relief to our seniors and disabled community. We want to ease the burden of getting to and from medical appointments. We want to encourage better nutrition through our senior meal program.”
Vanderslice said a realignment of funding sources in the Office on Aging and Disabilities and a grant from the Health and Wellness Foundation allowed the County to waive fees and expand services in this specialized, curb-side pick-up.
“If you are going to dialysis three times a week and you need to use the specialized bus transportation, $18 a week on a fixed income is a burden. By the end of the month, it can mean not enough money for food or medicine,” said Freeholder Director Julie Acton. “I know families who struggle to arrange with friends to make the drive over to Christiana for chemo treatments because we didn’t offer daily trips. Now we will. These changes announced today have a tremendous positive impact on overall health.”
The new bus routes include:
• Expanding from one day a week to Monday through Friday bus trips to the Christiana Care network, which includes the Helen Graham Cancer Center and nearby medical offices.
• Initiating a Tuesday and Thursday loop to Cooper, Lady of Lourdes, and the Philadelphia center city hospitals.
• Extending hours to the Fresenius Medical Center in Mannington for dialysis treatment by adding Saturday mornings and a last pick up at 6 p.m. on weekdays.
Freeholder Director Acton added that medical offices work with the staff at the Office on Aging and Disabilities to schedule appointments within the timeframe of the curb-side drop-offs and pick-ups.
Anyone who is at least 60 years old and/or disabled can use the specialized transportation system.
For more information or to schedule pick-ups, call the Salem County Office on Aging and Disabilities and 856-339-8622. This office is your resource connection to various services available to seniors and the disabled.