VIDEO: New Program Offers Low Rates For Camden Pet Owners


CEDAR BROOK - A new program made its debut on Thursday in Camden to help better the lives of your furry friends. Since 2005 New Jersey Aid for Animals has been trying to enrich the lives of animals in camden and other areas of the state.
“The city spends $430,000 a year on animal control and impound services at the Camden County Shelter," said Kathy McGuire, founder and president of NJ Aid for Animals. "So with only ten square miles and 77,000 people, it’s an infrastructure that we can work within.”
Help animals lives today (HALT) is the name of the latest project from the all volunteer non-profit.
“For $8 you get a spay or neuter, you get a microchip, a flea treatment, a rabies vaccines and a license for your dog,” said McGuire.
According to McGuire, those treatments would normally run up a bill of close to $900 dollars, but thanks to grant funding and donations, the low cost of $8 dollars is made possible for an expected 250 pets.
“It’s the first of its kind. No nonprofit in the area of Camden, as far as I know, has offered this many services including a license," said McGuire. "So it’s the total package.”
By calling NJ Aid for Animals, residents will be set up with a local veterinarian to get the procedures done.
“I mean the income is very low in Camden so if we can help them out with $8 it’ll help the residents and obviously it will help the pets,” said McGuire.
And if you can’t get your pets to the vet, NJ Aid for Animals can make arrangements for your furry friend to get there.
“It’s a win, win for everybody," said McGuire. "It’s a win, win for the animals of course. It’s a win, win for the people who own the animals in the city. It’s a win, win for our mission to enrich animals’ lives. And it’s a win, win for the city as we’re infusing revenue into the City of Camden.”
HALT started on Thursday and will be available today until the grant funding runs out. Interested Camden residents can call New Jersey Aid for Animals at 856.875.3575.