VIDEO: Kayakers Rescued Off of Great Egg Harbor Inlet


LONG PORT - It was a close call for two kayakers who had to be rescued from the water just ten minutes after lifeguards went off duty.
At about 6:10 P.M. Tuesday night, the Long Port Beach Patrol was wrapping up when they were notified of a kayak that had flipped over about a mile off the Great Egg Harbor Inlet.
The beach patrol's chief said that the kayakers had been out fishing when treacherous water conditions caused one of the kayaks to flip.
The other kayaker then called 9-1-1.
Six to seven lifeguards responded along with the city's fire department,and the U.S. Coast Guard- Great Egg Harbor Division.
Also during that time, the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Atlantic City was performing helicopter training drills who also responded to the scene.
Yet, once the rescue crews arrived on the scene, it was learned that the kayakers were brought to safety on board a private boat who happened to be near by.
Officials say the kayakers were then brought to shore where they denied medical treatment.
Rescue crews also add that the water during the time of the rescue was near unbearable, and hope that this adverted tragedy will serve as a warning for swimmers who choose to go into the water at unguarded beaches.