VIDEO: A New Jersey Medical Center is Sharing Its Art with Stockton University


NEW JERSEY - A medical center is providing a home in return for some helpful healing.
In hopes to bring joy to their patients, Stockton University's Noyes Museum of Art is loaning its "fine and folk collection" to the medical center throughout the year.
The medical center is also providing the opportunity for the art work to be temporarily showcased after the museum's Galloway location closed at the end of 2015.
Some of the artwork includes a seal sculpture at the gift shop, a purple martin palace in the lobby entrance, and a nautical mobile near the coffee cart.
All of the pieces were specifically chosen from the museum's gallery to reflect the shore community and its history.
The partnership between the medical center and museum goes back to 2012 when the Noyes Executive Director helped with the creation of the hospital's healing arts gallery.