VIDEO: Marina Offers Personal Watercraft Safety Tips Following Weekend Accidents


OCEAN CITY - Two separate incidents left five people hospitalized Sunday afternoon.
According to the New Jersey State Police, two personal watercrafts collided near the bridge in ocean city. Shortly after, a woman ran her watercraft aground miles away in Galloway Township. The causes of both incidents are currently under investigation.
Employees at Bayview Marina & Watersports help to prepare renters for a fun but most importantly safe day on the bay.
“So jet skis just like a car or motorcycle, there are some risks, said Zach McCloskey, employee at Bayview Marina & Watersports. "We need to make sure people are fully understanding on how to operate it properly.”
If you own your own jet ski, a license is required in New Jersey, but for rentals the marina, which has been around for nearly 30 years, makes riders go through a series of safety precautions before they head out onto the water, starting with an educational video.
“Safety is our number one priority here," said Maira Middleton, owner of Bayview Marina & Watersports. “They’re seeing a lot including what they have to wear on their body to protect themselves. As well as the operation of the watercraft and boating safety laws, especially when it comes to the waterways.”
After strapping on a life vest it’s time to head out to the dock to talk about the area restrictions and even more safety precautions.
“I give them some instructions as far as how to operate the jet ski and how to pass people properly, how to maintain a safe distance from other jet skis," said McCloskey. "All around, just trying to maximize fun and keep the risk of crashing to an absolute minimum.”
Then it’s time to learn hands on with a practice lap with an instructor is required for all riders. Once they’re comfortable they are ready to ride.
“As long as they’re completely understanding of the directions we don’t have any problems," said McCloskey. "That’s our goal, to keep everyone safe and to get everyone back on the dock and to make sure they have a great time.”