VIDEO: New York Boy and Teddy Bear Reunited


A sweet reunion is right around the corner for a beloved teddy bear and the boy who has been his loving owner since he was a baby.
New Jersey Turnpike officials are mailing "Beary" the bear back to its rightful owner, 12-year-old Alex Hernandez, after seeing a tweet his mother had posted about the lost stuffed animal.
New York City's Julissa Viana was with her husband and two twin boys on a road trip to North Carolina, when they stopped at the Clara Barton Service Area in Salem County. When they arrived at their destination, they discovered the bear was missing.
The boy's mother went straight to social media to see if anyone could help track down the lost bear. Soon enough, the staff at the service area found the bear and tweeted a photo to the family to see if it matched the description.
Seeing it was a perfect fit, the family can't wait for the bear's safe return home.