VIDEO: Cape May County Zoo Shares Secrets for Keeping Animals Cool in Hot Tempatures


CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE – With temperatures staying hot and humid, south jersey is finding different ways to cool down.
Some special cape may county residents, many of them four legged.
Hundreds of visitors made their way through the Cape May County Park and Zoo, carrying cold water, fanning themselves, and staying in the shade. But as they’re sweating outside of the bars, how are those animals holding up inside of their habitats?
“We use sprinklers to keep the environment cooled down, the misters we use a lot, the shade clothes of course, and fresh water all the time," said Dr. Hubert Paluch, veterinarian at Cape May County Park and Zoo. "In the summertime, you know, we change it often so it stays fresh and not too hot, and we try to keep it in cool areas.”
Between fur, feathers, and scales, every species reacts to the changing weather differently.
“Our tigers are happier in the winter time, so are a lot of our cats, the snow leopards and so forth, even the big, the bison and so forth, they like cool weather as well," said Paluch. "The little guys, the tamarins and so forth, they’re not able to cope with real cold conditions, so they are kept inside all winter.” She added “Sometimes the fur acts as a screen for the sunlight, it keeps the sunlight from penetrating their bodies, so it kind of helps a little bit, that way.”
Several animals also get to relax in their air conditioned homes. And although all of the zoo residents are finding their own ways of staying cool, many still feel the effects of the humidity.
“Well, under these conditions, most of them are kind of slow and not too active, because they’re like us, try not to do too much in this weather,” said Paluch. “They’re monitored all the time, the keepers are going around, we’re going around, checking them, and make sure everyone’s doing well.” DHP
While some of the animals are feeling a little bit sluggish because of the hot temperatures, others are enjoying the shade and even saying hello to a few of the Cape May Zoo visitors, who aren’t letting a little bit of heat stop them from having a fun day at the zoo.
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