VIDEO: 14th Annual AC Airshow Takes Flight


ATLANTIC CITY - Tens of thousands of people set up their umbrellas and beach chairs on the Atlantic City beach WEDNESDAY to enjoy a show in the sky, as aircraft from all over the country took flight in the 14th Annual Atlantic City Airshow.
“I just love the noise, the speed, how close they fly, the precision flying. I just love it.” (NAME)
“The noise, the jets, patriotism, all the people, it’s just a great time,” said Jeff Szemis, of Egg Harbor Township.
All five branches of the military participated in the events, making patriotism a thought on everybody’s mind.
“I enjoy seeing the planes, seeing all the military personnel," said Kenny Sharretts, of Cedarville. "You know it makes you feel very patriotic. It’s a great day and it’s a great venue for an air show as well. We have Air Force in our family, our son is in the 177th fighter wing so that’s especially enjoyable for us. We just love the show and to see all the American flags it makes you feel real good.”
The spectators on the beach were treated to a demonstration from the USMC MV 22 Osprey. The appearance was one of only four Osprey demonstrations for 2016.
“It’s a perfect day, the suns out, it’s just a great show. It’s memorable,” said Jack Martin, of Seaville.
Some come to relax and watch the planes soar above the beach – but Joey Sudyka likes to record the show every year so he can later post it online.
“We enjoy it over here," said Sudyka, of Hazlet. "We enjoy the ocean, the beach, besides the gambling and just it’s one of our vacation spots we really enjoy. And the air show, I try not to miss it now.”
And a little heat wave wasn’t going to effect this tradition.
And it sure was a great day full of tricks and flips in Atlantic City.