VIDEO: Wildwood Hosts Ultimate Tug-Of-War Ahead of 'Monsters on the Beach' Weekend


WILDWOOD - Two iconic vehicles faced off tuesday in what some are calling the ultimate summer smackdown.
The unusual tug of war competition on the Wildwoods boardwalk also included a war of words. After some trash talk the drivers of two Wildwood icons were ready to rev their engines.
It was tough fight but "Americrush" stole the show as the monster truck drug the “Sightseer Tram Car” right over the yellow marker.
Today’s event kicked off the Monsters on the Beach weekend, where larger than life trucks just like this one come to Wildwood for a weekend full of racing and cruising along the ocean.
“Friday night we have what’s called qualifying, each of the monster trucks will go out for two passes, said Wildwood Motor Events President Gary McGhee. "They’ll get the best time and that’s how they’ll line up for the weekend.”
Nine monster trucks will rev up their engines for the thousands who come to beach on Saturday and Sunday for the big three shows.
“It’s a great show, it’s about two and a half hours long and it’s a lot of fun,” said McGhee.
Getting a ticket to the event won’t just get you in to see the races – you’ll also get a chance to stop by the “pit party.”
“Where participants that buy tickets can go in, meet the drivers, do an autograph session, do the picture thing. It’s a lot of fun," said McGhee.
Drivers will be showing off their best racing between Mariner’s Landing and Adventure Pier.
“It’s an old style race course," said McGhee. "We’ve taken it back to what it used to be when it first started here in the 90s to a J-course and that’s what we’re using. The fans love it, the drivers love it, they have a great time with it.”
Discounted tickets are available through Thursday at, but tickets will also be available at the event.